Plotting Real Time Audio

The applet below combines Gabriele Bulfon's Playing Wave applet and the PlotLive Ptplot class. The sources show how we added a PlotLive widget. This demo is not very polished, we did it so that we could experiment with multithreaded applets.

This demo simulates a plucked string sound using the Karplus-Strong algorithm. The user can control the various features of the new sound, and then mouse on the action button, which will create the new sound.

The user controlled features are:

This widget determines whether the new sound replaces the old sound or adds to the old sound.
This widget determines whether the new sound will be a random wave, or a sine wave.
Text entry widget
This widget is used to set the period of the sine wave.
Action button
This button causes the new sound to be generated
Damp slider and entry widget
This controls the damping. If the value is more than 50, then the sound gets louder, if the value is less than 50, it gets softer.
Note that the wave plot on the left side is mouse sensitive. If you depress and hold the left mouse button while over the signal, you can drag the signal around.

For more information about this applet, see the Playing Wave webpage

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