Studio C

Wait for the Java applet to load before preceding. The studio diagram picture will flash until the applet is completely loaded. If the applet is not working properly, press the reload button on your browser. If there is still a problem go back to the MIDI Connections page and click on the studio link to reload the applet.

When the correct connection for each keyboard is clicked, the Java applet will draw the connections. Make a connection by clicking on the actual letters (I, O, or T) which represent In, Out, and Thru. Scroll the page down until the applet fills the page, then try to connect the studio.

In this example we have added a computer and MIDI interface. The first order of business is to use the MIDI interface to connect the master keyboard to the computer so they communicate with each other. Next connect the three tone generators (synthesizers without keyboards) The MIDI Out on the MIDI interface is acting as a MIDI Out/Thru. It not only sends new information out from the computer, it sends a copy of all MIDI In information as well. This allows the keyboard to communicate with the computer and the three tone generators. Use the concept of the daisy-chain network set-up from the MIDI Thru port of the keyboard.

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