Standard MIDI Files


Standard MIDI File is the protocol that is used to transfer MIDI information from one type of device to another. A MIDI sequencer file could be transferred to another sequencer or to a notation program. In the example below a MIDI sequence file is converted to a Standard MIDI file and then imported into a notation program.

This standard was added to the MIDI specification in 1988. It is a universal language that saves all MIDI notes, velocities, and controller codes as a generic file that may be interpreted by any program that supports the Standard MIDI File. In music applications that support Standard MIDI Files, the user may access and create Standard MIDI Files with the import and export commands. Standard MIDI files have the extension .mid added to the end of the document name.

There are three types of Standard MIDI Files, that include:

The internet is an excellent source for Standard MIDI Files. Because the files are MIDI information, they are usually fairly compact is size and they may also be compressed before they are sent over the internet. I have listed a few sites that have Standard MIDI Files available for the user. Please use the comment area in Program Information and Comments page for more sources that should be added to this page.

Links to some sites that have Standard MIDI Files available on the WWW

Once you have downloaded some MIDI files, they may be played back with any sequencer or music notation software. Usually you have to use the Import command to bring up the MIDI File on you computer program. If you are interested in playing MIDI Files on a Web site, go to Using MIDI on a Web Site for more information on MIDI Files and MIDI Plug-ins.

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