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This program, Exploring MIDI was designed and created by Peter J. Raschke. Currently he is a Graduate Student at Northwestern University working on a Ph.D. in Music Technology. He completed the Masters of Music Technology degree in June of 1997. He was a member of the web design team that created the School of Music web pages and currently is the webmaster of the music site. He is currently teaching a Multimedia Software Development class, Web Authoring, in the Fall Quarter, 1998. Before he started at Northwestern, he was an instructor and music laboratory technician at Santa Barbara City College.

 Other Web Sites created by Peter Raschke: 

Web Authoring course in Multi Media Software Development at Northwestern University, School of Music.

An interactive music theory web site, "Score Scan," provides practice in reading the "tonal profile" of a music selection. Based on the 1989 HyperCard document created by Northwestern music theory professor John Buccheri, the current version is a Java applet and Java application that was created by the collaborative efforts of Michael Overman and Peter Raschke.

Collaborated on the Web site 3D Sound at Northwestern University, an educational site to help you learn more about 3-D Sound & Spatial Audio. (Online in the Fall 1998)

The Web site, Gregorian Chant, Christmas Mass is a site for discovering the sounds of Gregorian Chant by listening to a recording of selections from the Proper and Ordinary of a Roman Catholic Mass.

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This web site, "Exploring MIDI" is recognized in the May 1998 issue of Electronic Musician, in the article "Back to School Online." It is also mentioned in the latest edition of How MIDI Works, Alexander Publishing.

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I would like to thank Professor Gary Kendall and Professor Peter Webster for all their assistance and encouragement in creating this project. I would also like to thank the companies listed below. Some of the pictures on this web site are from their catalogs or web sites.

  •  KaT, Inc.
  •  Music Quest, Inc.
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Recommended Books:

Experiencing MUSIC TECHNOLOGY, by David Brian Williams, and Peter Richard Webster.

An Introduction to the Creation of Electroacoustic Music, by Samuel Pellman.

Recommended Journals and Magazines:

  •  MIX The Recording Industry Magazine

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