Purpose of this site

The primary purpose of this site is educational. The applets posted here, while restricted in functionality, can be used effectively as teaching or learning tools. The author hopes that you have found these applets useful and would like to order fully functional versions, either to use on your own computer (no Internet connection necessary) or to post on your Web site.
Fully functional versions of these applets may be ordered by e-mail directly from the author.

Delivery is via ftp. The price is $29 US per applet, payable by check or money order to:

Dr. Mark Sutherland
10303 Darden Road
San Diego, CA 92126, USA

This price does not include source code. If you are interested in the source code, please enquire.

A note on security
Applets intended to be accessed on the World Wide Web contain a security feature allowing them to run only when referenced by an html page at a particular, fixed location (URL). If you intend to post your applets on a Web server, you will be asked to specify this URL when ordering.

Applets intended to be run locally contain a security feature which does not allow them to be accessed on the World Wide Web.